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Men, Relationships, Sex, Love, Dating, Emotions—Candid & Revealing!

Brad Swanson & Corey Jenkins—two guys that look like they’re from opposite sides of the social spectrum—come together to create the most revealing relationship talk show you’ve ever seen from men!

00:31 Cheating
01:32 I love You via Text Message (with sexy Carmen Palumbo & Patricia Scheer)
02:02 Romance or Friends? (with Amber Strauser & Melanie Camp)
02:22 How Do I Get a Man to Treat Me Like a Princess?
03:05 Marriage, Divorce & Personal Responsibility (with Nina Hartley)
03:38 Orgasms & Emotions
04:08 Randy Spears—Human Being, Man, Father, Husband & Porn Star
04:59 Sex, Age & Cougars
05:32 Jealousy & Polyamory
05:48 Celebrity Interview: Jessica Sutta (Recording Artist & former Pussycat Doll)
06:22 Brad & Corey’s Commitment
06:39 Jessica Sutta Blows Your Mind!


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Create Healthy Relationships Now by Revealing the Past

A viewer wants to know why a man won’t talk about his past. Is this a red flag? Corey Jenkins and Brad Swanson are joined by Tuddy and Carmen Palumbo. Together they share their personal experiences and explain.

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Jessica Sutta - dancer singer movie star

Jessica Sutta – Dancer, Singer & Movie Star

Jessica reveals herself professionally and personally: while she’s alway loved singing and dancing, she’s now focused on being a film actor. And behind all the stage performances and now movies, she’s just a “regular girl.”

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Will Waiting Longer to Have Sex Improve Your Relationship?

Carmen Palumbo asks The Male Room if waiting longer to have sex at the beginning of a relationship influences how a woman will be perceived? In the last two minutes, it is revealed that both married people in the conversation waited longer to have sex when they met their spouses. Corey Jenkins, Brad The Love Coach and guest-host Tuddy offer their perspective.


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TMR_03_Corey Clip_04_Strip Joints and Porn_01

Married Men & Strip Clubs: Honest Answers Part 1

It’s no surprise that most wives ask their husbands not to go to strip clubs or look at men’s magazines, but how do married men really feel about giving them up? An open conversation with no ego! Corey Jenkins & Brad The Love Coach host. Tuddy from Extra! stops by to share his story.

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TMR_03_Corey Clip_05_Strip Joints Part 2 with Trish_01

Married Men & Strip Clubs: Honest Answers Part 2

Trish Vogel (Relationship Coach) joins Corey Jenkins & Brad The Love Coach to give her opinion. Charles Griffin III tells us that his wife encourages him to go to strip clubs and tells us why. We also find out a little more about what goes on “behind the scenes” in strip clubs.

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TMR_03_Corey Clip_03_Keeping it Fresh

How To Keep Your Marriage Fresh

Hosts Brad The Love Coach & Corey Jenkins talk with Charles Griffin III about keeping your relationships fun, sexy and exciting. He tells The Male Room to “find someone you’re attracted to” and never forget “she was your girlfriend first. If you treat her like your girlfriend, you’ll always be happy.”

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TMR08_Brad Clips_01_Nina Hartley_02

Honesty, Pornography & Nina Hartley – Sex Education Part 2

Nina Hartley ( reveals where she first discovered porn and discovered her passion for it. She shares the “ins and outs” of the business, bi-sexuality, polyamory, erotica, and sexuality. She reveals how lack in communication in her Ménage à trois marriage led to her spiritual awakening.

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Dating in 2013: An Open and Revealing Conversation for Everyone

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Brad shares a story about being attracted to two women who are friends with each other, telling them both, and their response. This triggers a conversation about all aspects of modern dating including where to meet people and how “old-school” rules might not apply to todays, conscious relationships.

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How do committed men avoid temptation

How do committed men avoid temptation?

Tuddy (Host on “Extra” and makeup artist) tells about his evolution of being a man and how he handles attention from women (he’s married). The panel discusses the “shift” when men no longer want to be dating multiple people and instead want partnership.

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Once a cheater—always a cheater

Once a cheater—always a cheater?

A guest tells The Male Room, “usually to get a ‘good guy,’ you need a guy that has cheated.” Corey Jenkins & Brad The Love Coach discuss fidelity, forgiveness, responsibility and keys to a successful relationship. Tuddy from “Extra” also joins the panel and begins a discussion about staying committed to his wife while on the road in the entertainment business.

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Are men afraid of love_2

Are men afraid of love?

Why do men say they want a relationship or love and when it shows up they disappear? Are they just afraid or is it possible they’re not fully conscious of what they really want?

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Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.37.56 PM

Jessica Sutta, Former Pussycat Doll, on Friends, Fame and Hard Work – Hosted by Corey Jenkins & Brad Swanson

Jessica shares the pros and cons of celebrity. She tells us that hard work and fine-tuning your talent are requirements to be the best, and at the same time, it doesn’t always translate easily to personal relationships. This is part 1 a 3-part interview.

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Jessica Sutta former Pussycat Doll on Being Authentic Celebrities and Real Singing Live

Jessica Sutta on being authentic & being a celebrity, plus she sings on this show!

Jessica talks about how important it is for people to be their authentic selves and how real connections with people inspire her. She let’s us know that celebrities are real people too! She talks about working hard to accomplish her goals and being of service. “We need Love!” she says. Go Jess!

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Trading in for the younger model Breaking the stereotype

Trading in for the Younger Model?

Ever wondered why men seem to trade in for the younger or prettier woman? Watch this honest conversation.

00:20 Brad’s Answer 

01:45 Corey’s Answer

03:35 Corey flips the question and asks Mel if her husband is the richest guy she’s dated

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